4 Design Tips for your E-commerce Website

Ready to launch your product online? But how do you harness the reach and power of your website to maximize a positive response and create the kind of exposure that leads to actual sales? That can be a challenge for many online businesses – especially start-ups. Designing a great website can turbocharge your launch, boost your conversion rate and start the engines of profitability.

Here are four design tips for a dynamic website:

Keep it simple
E-commerce websites tend to be loaded with information. A cluttered design only makes it harder for your potential customers to purchase. Menus should be kept to a minimum, with a reasonable number of categories. Your social media links should be readily available. Give users access to all the information they need to make a purchase without overwhelming them.

Design Message
One way to separate yourself and your product from the competition online is to make sure that photos, graphics, text and other items on your website are high quality. Your website is the front window to your e-commerce business. Making a strong first impression is critical. Beautiful photos of your products – accompanied by the right messages — not only catch potential customers’ eyes, they also can affect buying decisions

Clear Calls to Action
Calls to action are how you guide potential customers through the buying process. Make it easy for them to enter their contact information to receive email or text alerts about your new and existing products, sign up for your newsletter or receive special discounts.

Think Mobile
Most of the people accessing your website will do so via their mobile devices. If your site is not compatible, you risk losing sales. It’s critical that your site is optimized for mobile devices and your contact information is front and center. Working with a professional, experienced web designer is crucial. The goal should be a site that appears consistent and is easily accessed in multiple ways.

Keep these important ideas in mind and you’ll be well on your way to building an e-commerce website that works just as hard as you do to sell your product. Research has shown that online visitors make judgments about the quality of a company based on the quality of its website. Earn their trust and confidence with a professionally designed site, and you’re on your way to making a sale.

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