Should you Redesign your Website in 2023?

It’s not always easy to know if the time has come to redesign your website. Many business owners feel that as long as the site is getting a reasonable amount of traffic and generating sales, they should leave it alone. The reality is that sometimes the traffic slowly decreases, and the owner doesn’t know it. It’s also likely that an older website isn’t attracting new, potential customers, which means the business is relying on a current customer base that could already be in a dwindling phase.

Here are some unmistakable signs that your website is in need of a facelift.

It’s Not Performing Well on Mobile Devices

Most of your customers use mobile devices when using the internet. If your website doesn’t load quickly and smoothly onto the mobile device, the visitor will back scroll and visit the competition’s mobile-friendly website.

Content Updates are Getting Increasingly Difficult

While websites have evolved a great deal, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that content is king. You need fresh and interesting content to hold your customer’s attention and to make sure your website enjoys a high search engine rating.

The problem is that as your website gets older, content becomes harder to update. A very simple web design project will equip your website with the new or updated tools needed to quickly load fresh content onto your website.

Your SEO Could be Better

Have you checked your search engine ranking recently? Is your website still appearing on the first page for all of your keywords? If it’s not, there’s a chance that the problem isn’t your content. It could actually be that your website simply isn’t equipped with the newest things the web crawlers look for when ranking a website. A quick and easy web redesign project will help restore your site to its previous high rankings.

You’re Not Keeping Up With the Competition

Take a look at a few of your direct competitors’ websites. How does yours match up? While you don’t want your website to be a carbon copy of theirs, you also don’t want your website to feel like a vintage example of how things were once done.

Have you decided it’s time to revamp your website? Contact us and learn how easy and effective upgrading can be!

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