It’s no secret that a good website is one of the most important marketing tools a business has at its disposal. It’s even more important that start-ups have an outstanding website.

  • Start-ups in a variety of industries rely on their websites to:
  • Start establishing a brand message
  • Provide detailed information about your business, your goal, and how investors can get involved
  • Share your start-up’s story
  • Help create target-driven traffic
  • The website is a relatively low-cost form of marketing

Considering the overall impact your website has on the current and future success of your website, you can’t afford to be casual with your web design. Several things need to be incorporated into your website to ensure maximum impact.

Intuitive Navigation

Not everyone who visits your start-up’s website will be after the same information. Investors are looking for different things than the members of your target market. Intuitive navigation ensures that every visitor can quickly and easily access the information they’re looking for and not have to shift through a bunch of content they’re not interested in.

The Design Must be Mobile Friendly

Each year, the general population is relying more on their mobile devices, particularly smartphones. Your website must load quickly and accurately on phones, which means it has to be mobile-friendly. Designing a mobile-friendly website means using a navigation system that’s easy to read and utilize despite the smaller screen, making sure the pages load quickly and formatting the content so that the viewer can simply scroll down and not make much effort to read the pertinent content.

Strong Brand Identity

One of the hardest things many start-ups struggle with is creating a website that generates a strong brand identity. A website that reflects brand identity is even more important for start-ups than established businesses because the brand identity is most likely the only thing the members of your target market will notice.

Your start-up website needs to;

  • Reflect your industry
  • Create a visceral reaction in visitors
  • Be consistent across different platforms
  • Be instantly recognizable
  • Be reflected on every single webpage

Strong Call-To-Action

Your website needs to feature a strong call to action that inspires visitors to perform the desired action. Exactly what this action does depends on your short-term goals. Some start-ups want visitors to sign up for a mailing list, others invite people to jump into a sales funnel, others want a specific piece of content to be looked at, while other start-ups seek investment inquiries.

The Website must be Visually Appealing

The website’s design has to be subtle, consistent, and visually appealing. It also has to make an outstanding first impression. If the website is cluttered, has cumbersome blocks of text, or is just badly laid out, your visitors will move onto a different website without reading a single line of your posted content.

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