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The closest you'll get to a fresh coconut without climbing a tree.

The Results

In the months following the launch of the their new packaging, Kokomio saw purchase intent increase by 80% in the U.S. with both new and existing customers. These results have built momentum to launch new SKUs using this unique and recognizable packaging.

100% PURE



The Brief

Make Kokomio relevant.

Kokomio needed a brand packaging refresh that increased purchase intent within their existing market while also attracting new customers, particularly within the millennial demographic.

The Challange

How can our brand engage with new audiences?

New market entrants think differently. They can launch with radical ideas and designs that resonate. They’re disruptive. They make leaps that more established brands tend to avoid. But those risk-averse brands actually risk falling behind.

We integrated multiple rounds of consumer testing to design solutions that work for both established audiences and new millennial shoppers, enabling KokomioK to make the leap without the risk.

What We Did


The process was simple.

Brand Strategy
Our market research and shopper data showed that people tend to buy coconut water as a healthy choice. We engaged with consumers and stakeholders to pinpoint what makes people choose a particular coconut water.

Consumer Testing
We tested variations of packaging concepts with consumers, iterating and improving with those insights. The outcome? A design language that appealed to both millennials and existing customers, giving Kokomio the confidence to go to market.





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