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Video marketing takes time and requires resources that aren’t always readily available to people. These two things make some business owners question whether video marketing is something they should really invest in.
The short answer is yes.

Video marketing is an investment that will ultimately pay off in a major way. According to data collected by Image Works, 55% of marketers who included videos in their email marketing campaigns experienced a higher click-through rate. The numbers go even higher when the videos are used in social media marketing programs.

The good news is that as long as you stick to a few simple tricks. Video marketing isn’t difficult and it will quickly generate a high return on your investment. All you have to do is follow a few basic tips.

Invest in good video equipment. Posting a grainy, dark video with poor sound quality is worse than posting no video at all. Not only should you invest in a video camera or smartphone camera that takes high-quality images, but you should also make sure you have a good light source and a high-quality microphone. Yes, these can seem expensive when you purchase them, but the good videos will quickly pay for the equipment. Plus, as long as you take care of this equipment, it will last a long time.

Know exactly what you want to do with the video. Before you start shooting, know what the goal of the video is and create a script that allows you to get to the point quickly. Keep your video content condensed and to the point, the same way you would if you were creating a blog post.

Keep things short. Customers don’t want to spend an hour watching a promotional video. They’re busy. They have other things to do. Keep your videos as short as possible. If you find that the content requires a longer video, break it into sections and post each separate video as a different part. Edit the different sections in a manner that the viewer feels compelled to click on the next part. Make sure you link all the video parts.

Create some buzz around your video marketing campaign. If you have an exciting new product launch or think you’ve created a video your followers will love, don’t be afraid to hype it. Create short little teaser videos and post those.

Don’t be afraid to ask your followers to help you generate video content for you. Encourage them to create videos with your products, post them on their social media page, and tag your business in the videos. Not only is this create valuable content and improve your business’s visibility, but it can also serve as an inspiration for future videos that you want to create!

What All Successful Video Marketing Programs Share

Videos have taken the marketing world by storm and it’s easy to understand why. There are several reasons why video marketing is so successful.

  • People can watch videos out of the corner of their eye while they do other things, like clean the house and work on the computer
  • Videos allow out to really demonstrate how a product works and how it could improve the average consumer’s life
  • Videos can be short, informative, and entertaining
  • Videos are easy to share.

While there’s no denying that a successful video marketing program can take just about any business to the next level, it’s also impossible to ignore that not all video marketing programs are created equal. Some are considerably more effective than others.

When you observe a few successful video marketing programs, you’ll notice that they have a few things in common.

Videos are Routinely Posted

Businesses that are good at video marketing know that they have to routinely update their content. The ones that are really serious about developing a profitable video marketing program create a calendar that shows all the dates that they want to post fresh video content. Not only does the calendar help them to stay on track, but they can also use it to figure out when each aspect of their next video needs to be started and when they must finish it.

The Videos Stay on Point

Good marketing videos are the ones that have a clear goal. The producers don’t try to fit lots of additional information into the video. The video has a clear purpose. It’s better to divide a large video into much smaller, concise videos than to post one long video that frequently hops from one topic to another.

Good Call to Action

Individuals who have put together a solid video marketing program understand the value of a good call to action. They never post a video that doesn’t have one. Not only should your videos have a distinct call to action, but they should also be a natural part of your sales funnel.

The Videos are High Quality

Posting high-quality and effective marketing videos isn’t difficult. You don’t need expensive recording equipment. You do need something that takes a clear video, a good light source, and a quiet location. If your video is dark, shaky, or full of loud background noise, you’ll lose both viewers and potential customers.

Do you think your video marketing program needs an overhaul but aren’t sure what to expect? Contact us today! We can’t wait to help you out!

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