Should You Revamp your Brand? | Tracy Branding Services

Should You Revamp your Brand? | Tracy Branding Services

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You invested a lot of time, energy, resources, and love into the brand that defines your business. You’ve grown attached to your brand and hate the idea of saying goodbye to it almost as much as you hate the idea of starting all over.

While it’s easy to understand why you don’t want to embark on a rebranding adventure, there are times when discarding your current brand and coming up with something different is in the best interest of your business.

Not sure if revamping is the right move for you to make? Here are a few suggestions that might help you decide.

Does Your Brand and Your Vision Still Harmonize?

One of the reasons you selected your original branding concept was because you felt it was a perfect reflection of your business. The problem is that ideas, businesses, and visions evolve. Brands don’t always do the same. Take a good hard look at your current branding and ask yourself if it still harmonizes with the vision you have for your business’s future.

In addition to exploring how you currently feel about your business and brand, take a look at what you think will happen in the future. Based on industry predictors are you going to need to do a major overhaul of your business in order to keep up with the competition? If you see big changes in your business’s future, not is a good time to consider a brand revamp.

Are you Still Proud of Your Current Brand?

Do you still take a great deal of pride when you talk about your brand, or do you find you’re reluctant to bring it up? Does it feel silly? Dated? No longer reflective of your business? If you can honestly say that you’re as in love with your brand today as you were when you first developed it, it’s fine to keep going the way you are. If you answered no to those questions, it might be time to contact us and discuss either a complete brand revamp or tweaking a few things that have started bothering you.

Are you Still Using the Same Business Model?

Compare your current business model with the one you used when you first branded your business. The odds are pretty good that you had to tweak your business model to accommodate rapid market shifts and changes in your customer base. If your business model has made significant changes, it’s likely that it’s no longer in synch with your brand.

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